Knowledge - Finding the right kit

Getting it right

V-Maxx manufacture a huge range of products for nearly every vehicle going so there is sometimes multiple options. We have listed a few things to look out for below, but if you ever are unsure then please get in touch with us with your vehicle details. (Call 01604 212140 or Email

It has a Front strut measurement on model or engine?

More and more vehicles especially in the VAG group have different strut diameters, this is to do with the diameter at the bottom of the strut where it clamps in. If the wrong size is chosen the suspension wont fit. This could mean a Garage bill or a costly return, so it is always best to measure and order correct the first time.

It says I need shorter drop links?

Some vehicles will need shorter drop links when lowering a vehicle, but do not worry we supply these, some of our coil overs will even include them, if not we list them separately under accessories. If you are unsure just get in contact with us and we will be happy to help.

The products listed mention axle loads?

A lot of vehicles come from factory with different weights, this can be down to things like gearboxes, optional extras, engine sizes and more. To be 100% certain and to get the right kit for your car it is always best to check. This information can be found on the vehicle usually on a metal plaque in the drivers door with the tyre pressures or in the engine bay, It would say 1- 1XXKG and 2-1XX KG the one dash relates to the front axle and the two dash related to the rear.

I don't see my vehicle listed?

We are consistently updating the website to have the whole V-Maxx range but if you do not see your vehicle then please get in contact and we can double check for you, also as we are powered by POTN (Performance On The Net) we offer so many more brands like Bilstein, Eibach and KW aswell as Air suspension, through Airlift, AirREX, Bilstein and more.

I got it wrong.


Don't worry, People make mistakes, Just get in touch with us and explain the situation, if the product hasn't been used or damaged and is within 14 days of receiving the product we will do our best to help, this may be to accept the return or exchange the parts for the correct ones. However we hope we have provided enough information to avoid this.