Knowledge - Coilovers



V-Maxx products go through an intensive test and inspection program from design to manufacturing using high quality products and materials from start to finish over in the Netherlands.

V-Maxx Coilvovers - Coilovers are a spring and damper combination offering adjustability in height and dampening rates giving you the ability to truly custom your suspension set up for your needs either for track or fast road set ups.

V-Maxx offer to different types of Coilovers  


X-Street  V-Maxx, X-Street Coilovers (height adjustable only) - V-Maxx offer an extensive range of premium coilover kits, giving you maximum flexibility in setting the perfect ride height for your car. Height is adjusted from low to very low with the adjustment tool included.
X-sport  V-Maxx, X-sport Coilovers (Height and Dampening adjustable) - 

V-MAXX X-SPORT Coilover kits offer all the benefits of the regular V-MAXX X-STREET Coilover kits, but add 20+ click damping adjustment front and rear on the car, with a simple twist of the knob. Damping range goes from comfortable to track-firm. Kits are German TüV approved and come with a 2 year warranty.

Please read the TÜV- or GOCA-reports carefully before purchasing, due to any differences in the adjustment range or, for example, other conditions that are not specified on our homepage.

The TÜV- or GOCA-report (evaluation-copy)  is available for download after you click on DETAILS from the product of your choice.

Lowering without necessary stabilizer connection bolts or more than listed measurements, will void the warranty and is done at own risk!!
In some cases wheelspacers may be necessary and must be used.
Always align the car after replacing suspension parts.
Sometimes the actual possible lowering may be different from the listed lowering, due to e.g. already lowered cars by factory, already installed sport-suspension or from the indicated lowering which is allowed due to TÜV/GOCA regulations.