V-Maxx 330mm disc replacement pads - EBC (Road & Track)

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V-Maxx Big Brake kits come with the high performance V-maxx pad.

however if you have come round to replacing them and looking for something different then we do offer EBC Brake pads, these are made in the UK and offer a selection of compounds (Colours) to suit various needs.

YellowStuff, This is a high friction compound, perfect for fast road and light track use, This is used by many and a very popular choice. DP4002R

BlueStuff, Bluestuff was a track only pad, however some changes have allowed it to be road legal, this high friction pad is ideal for someone looking for a stronger bite and takes their vehicle on track. DP5002

OrangeStuff, seen as a more endurance based pad this track oriented pad is go to for a more experienced driver. DP9002